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Elisa IP Transit Services provide Global Internet connectivity for IT integrators, information service providers and Internet service providers. The service is based on Elisa's domestic and international IP network and peering agreements with a large number of IP backbone providers. Elisa IP also supports IP version 6.

IP Transit is suitable for customers who themselves have strong know how concerning IP routing and router configurations and who have a dynamic network environment. For customers wishing to have a turn key solution for corporate Internet connectivity, we recommend Elisa Business Internet Services.

In addition to domestic and international peering arrangements, Elisa IP is connected to multiple global Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks. Through these arrangements our customers' networking environments join the global Internet community. Elisa IP Transit can be provided for customers who fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • The customer is an Internet Service Provider or an IT integrator
  • The customer has a public AS number and public provider independent IP addresses
  • Elisa's network management systems have no visibility to customer owned equipment. Therefore Elisa's Fault Management process only starts after the customer contacts Elisa.
  • The customer has the necessary hardware, software and knowledge for operating and maintaining a dynamic BGPv4 routing environment.

Elisa IP Transit provides connectivity to the Internet, including domestic traffic. Domestic and international traffic are not calculated separately. Elisa IP Transit is also suitable for customers who wish build a redundant and fault tolerant routing environment by purchasing IP transit from multiple sources.

Elisa can flexibly use its domestic and international infrastructure when finding a suitable physical peering point for the customers. Elisa's strong presence in Finland, the Baltics and Scandinavia makes it possible for Elisa to hand over the service in hundreds of different street addresses. The last mile fiber for connectivity to customer premises can also be added to the service as an extra component.

The charging model for Elisa IP is 'Flat Rate'. Dynamic billing is not supported.

If you are interested in Elisa IP Transit please contact Elisa:

Carrier Customers:

Elisa Wholesale Customer Service

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (GMT +3), Sat and Sun closed

Customer services/desk: +358 10 262 4900

Corporate Customers:

Elisa Corporate Customers Contact Center:
+358 10 80 8088
yritysasiakaspalvelu (at)