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Routing Policy

This is how our routing works:

  • We usually announce our own routes summarized the way that we received the IP blocks from Réseaux IP Européens.
  • We announce our AS customers' routes the way they announce them to us, unless the customer requests proxy aggregation. We will make effort to ensure that the customers' routes are efficiently aggregated though. We also take protective measures to prevent harm originating from our customers to the global routing system.
  • We do not redistribute our IGP into BGP (nor do we redistribute BGP into the IGP.)
  • We follow RIPE's dampening regulations thus we do not damp routes.
  • We will filter routes and traffic to illegal destinations such as IANA reserved networks. We won't accept traffic that should originate from within our own network. We protect ourselves from over specific routes and accept them only on a case by case basis. Please refer to our other documents about filtering etc.
  • Our AS at all exchanges is AS6667 and we announce the ASes listed in the Réseaux IP Européens AS macros AS-EUNETIP and RS-EUNETIP.

We will keep our objects at Réseaux IP Européens up to date and expect you to do the same. We can use other IRRs as well. We also expect you to maintain certain levels of routing standards, such as not announcing over specifics, private ASes or paths over your transits or peers.